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  • main problem

    the main problem is low response rate.
  • have a problem

    Which I don't have a problem with.
  • only problem

    The only problem is that it now takes a baffling turn.
  • major problem

    Actomite is the new solution to a major problem.
  • serious problem

    But there is a serious problem here.
  • problem here

    But there is a serious problem here.
  • real problem

    Cost-saving exercises may not be tackling the real problem which is the need for a structural change.
  • solve the problem

    Pressure on East Germany to solve the problem of its fleeing population by reform has redoubled.
  • particular problem

    It is a particular problem in the south-east, where there are escalating costs.
  • second problem

    A second problem centred on the sessions provided by non-nurse speakers.

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