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  • cause of action

    Without damage there is no cause of action.
  • legal action

    Ferranti trustees threaten legal action.
  • take action

    Then take action to make sure it happens.
  • appropriate action

    We rely on the good advice of our solicitors who advise us on the appropriate action to take.
  • strike action

    STAFF at Liverpool's Victims of Violence charity home are to be balloted over strike action in support of a sacked colleague.
  • action under

    An action under section 62 is, like an action under section 5, a private action brought by the investor against the contravener.
  • out of action

    As for this dose —’ he frowned in thought, ‘— perhaps enough to keep her out of action for a day.’
  • remedial action

    we cannot predict outcomes with absolute certainty since individuals can take remedial action in the light of our forecasts.
  • outdoor action

  • course of action

    Practitioners concerned about suspected or actual abuse of old people will often be perplexed as to the best course of action.
  • action sample

    But it increased slightly more in the action samples than in the control groups.
  • industrial action

    Though the strike was broken, the strategy of urban industrial action had been demonstrated.
  • social action

    Barnett House's union of social thought and social action admirably suited her temperament.

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