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  • deep breath

    I take a deep breath.
  • breath of fresh

    A breath of fresh air.
  • breath caught

    Her breath caught on another sob.
  • breath before

    I waited to get my breath before cutting across the road.
  • breath hydrogen

    MCTT was therefore defined as the interval between finishing the meal and the first of two sequential increases in breath hydrogen concentration 20 ppm over the base line.
  • draw breath

    She fought the futile urge to draw breath.
  • breath came

    Her breath came a little faster.
  • breath away

    The man's cool arrogance took her breath away.
  • out of breath

    She ran out of breath.
  • breath and i

    Difficulty with breathing, wheezy; must sit up to breath and is much worse (
  • warm breath

    ‘Listen,’ he murmured, his warm breath drifting over her cheek.
  • take her breath

  • indrawn breath

    She couldn't prevent her tiny indrawn breath.
  • breath test

    Buxton…says police should be able to carry out random breath tests.
  • breath to steady

    She took a deep breath to steady herself.
  • every breath

    With every breath we should take in half a litre of oxygen, twenty per cent of which goes to the brain.

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