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  • do not approve

    There are a number of general practitioners who do not approve of such treatment.
  • ask to approve

  • must approve

    The Secretary of State must approve each individual sale.
  • i approve

  • approve a package

    The request to approve a package has been processed successfully.
  • fail to approve

  • approve in principle

    Is the Minister aware that the Opposition approve in principle of measures to enhance the cost effectiveness of our magistrates courts system?
  • exactly approve

    Last time I saw him he didn't exactly approve of me.’
  • approve or disapprove

    When someone notices the Chancellor's announcement of a tax cut that is a perception; when they approve or disapprove, that is an attitude.
  • refuse to approve

  • vote to approve

    As the vote approached, it seemed likely that the favoured version would not actually stop spending if it went over a cap, but merely require a special vote to approve or disapprove it.
  • decision to approve

    I have taken the decision to approve the trusts.
  • approve the appointment

    The Japanese Diet voted on Nov. 5 to approve the appointment of Kiichi Miyazawa as Prime Minister, following his election on Oct. 27 as chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
  • approve proposals

    It was to act as a subject board, consider and where appropriate approve proposals which fitted the CNAA-university guidelines.

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