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  • choice between

    The choice between bureaucracy and adhocracy represents a common dilemma.
  • first choice

    Klemperer would still be my first choice for the Pastoral .
  • wide choice

    Today over 200 stalls offer a wide choice of merchandise.
  • choice when

    Mrs Stoneman, 31, faced an agonising choice when doctors said the radiotherapy tripled the odds in his favour.
  • good choice

    ‘Ambleside in the Lake District is a good choice.
  • choice of words

    I think there's er, a dispute er, erm, that's my er, choice of words, between the district auditor and ourselves, over, over this.
  • choice of main

    Breakfast is buffet style and dinner three courses with a choice of main course.
  • have little choice

    Opponents say large families or families with young children have little choice about using a lot of water and could face large price increases with water metering.
  • freedom of choice

    When the single market does come into effect in January, through greater freedom of choice British products should achieve increasing success abroad.
  • choice should

    There are various types of easel, and choice should very much depend on practice.
  • parental choice

    But no amount of tinkering with parental choice or national testing alters one main problem: many young black children do not even turn up to classes.

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