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  • argument in favour

    If, on the other hand, they depict merely a perceptual order within the percipient"s own experience, then no argument in favour of ontological pluralism can be based upon them in any case.
  • general argument

    If this varies, as seems to be the case in Goody's work, then the general argument about consequences loses some of its force.
  • main argument

    It was politically unsound, and that was the band's main argument against it.’
  • argument does

    Korshin's argument does not absolutely exclude Coley's, though their emphases are different.
  • argument about whether

    There was also argument about whether Slovenia should indeed be exempted from holding a referendum because of its December plebiscite.
  • modes of argument

    In general, then, the discursive trend is towards establishing approved modes of argument and debate according to Parliamentary and legal criteria rather than submission to the rigours of the scientific proof.

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