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  • look like

    ‘No, do not look like that, lassie.
  • have a look

    Go and have a look.
  • look out

    ‘I shall look out for a move.’
  • do not look

    ‘No, do not look like that, lassie.
  • i look

    Keoi look like ordinary human individuals — men and women — and in fact they were this at some time, but they performed a forbidden act which transformed them into keoi .
  • look back

    At the bad moments don't look back and think, Well at least I'm a major in the British Army.
  • look up

    Travis didn't look up.
  • look through

    Erm you can have a look look through if you want.
  • have to look

    For that we have to look elsewhere.
  • must look

    We must look to the pattern of judicial decisions over time.
  • need to look

    we'd need to look at it again, wouldn't we?
  • should look

    It should look quite attractive.
  • look forward

    They look forward to other assistance from Europe in respect of the social charter.
  • go to look

  • try to look

    ‘At least try to look serious.
  • then look

    We will then look at him on Saturday to see if there is a reaction.
  • when you look

    Which is, of course, totally ridiculous, when you look at it rationally.
  • look inside

    He begged permission to look inside it, which the airport authorities granted, knowing that he could neither fly nor navigate.
  • when we look

    Now a look ahead to a series of special reports on Central next week, when we look at the future of transport.
  • look so

    You all look so handsome.’
  • look even

    They say he recruits them so he can look even more golden and gorgeous by contrast.’
  • look very

    It doesn't look very promising.
  • look at something

    If you look at something like the Institute for Group Psychotherapy in London, it's founded on other writings than Freud's writings on Group Psychology.
  • go and look

    I can go and look at their one.
  • do look

  • look good

    To sum up the ‘Caribbean range’ as Aerospatiale describe the TB series, they definitely look good on the apron.
  • begin to look

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