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  • phone call

    Make your phone calls.
  • phone calls

    Make your phone calls.
  • phone rang

    Then the phone rang.
  • phone up

    You had to phone up.
  • put the phone

    She put the phone down.
  • when the phone

    I was probing around with my tongue and trying to decide about this when the phone by my bed rang.
  • mobile phone

    On the mobile phone.
  • up the phone

    He hung up the phone.
  • phone number

    ‘Have you got his phone number?’
  • phone i

    that they either phone in.
  • portable phone

    Daryll's got a portable phone?
  • phone box

    ‘Let's find a phone box,’ Donna said.
  • gonna phone

    your mum's gonna phone Felic
  • phone rings

    The phone rings.
  • phone line

    Red tape cuts free phone line for aid troops
  • phone down

    Put your phone down.
  • then the phone

    She was given a minute's grace, then the phone rang.

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