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  • cast iron

    ‘Your plots are cast iron,’ Maximilian said.
  • cast doubt

    The investigation has cast doubt on the safety of 28 pesticides widely sprayed on crops in Britain.
  • cast out

    Have you nothing to say to me, cast out here like a leper?
  • cast off

    Knit two rows and bind off for a round neck or cast off for a V-neck.
  • vote cast

    As the broadcast drew to a close a voice proclaimed ‘a vote cast for any parties which oppose each other is a vote for conflict’.
  • be cast

    those without the faith in the certain sons of the kingdom will be cast out
  • cast aside

    I hate to see ‘Guernica’ picked up and cast aside like an old sock.
  • cast and crew

    The cast and crew were prepared to plant their tongues in their cheeks and work hard.
  • cast around

    A whisper went up that Gogarth was a possibility and panicky looks were cast around the room.
  • cast a shadow

    You're too thin to cast a shadow.’
  • have cast

    In recent years, Christians from the two traditions have cast aside centuries of hostility to lobby on political issues.
  • make of cast

  • old cast

    Getting rid of PAHs requires the replacement of old cast iron mains lined with coal tar paper.

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