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  • during a visit

    Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher broke her silence on the issue during a visit to the United States.
  • first visit

    The first visit.
  • come to visit

    Sabraxis had come to visit Lucien in his room as soon as he was well enough to converse.
  • official visit

    He had come to pray, he said, not to make a political or official visit.
  • state visit

    King Juan Carlos of Spain paid a state visit to Morocco on July 4.
  • visit to japan

  • brief visit

    She proposed that the new king and his brother, who was on a brief visit to Ludlow, should be escorted to London by a substantial body of troops.’
  • index visit

    The immunological data of the index visit (first HIV positive visit of the seroconverters), the visit preceding the index visit (four to six months before), and the visit four to six months after the index visit were compared.
  • i visit

  • visit to china

  • visit to moscow

  • during the visit

    Other issues discussed during the visit included the movement of peoples between the two countries and the convening of a conference on relief and development in the Horn of Africa.
  • pay a visit

    ‘I want to pay a visit to the museum.
  • visit to france

  • visit to paris

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