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  • out of curiosity

    Usually it's out of curiosity.
  • natural curiosity

    Forgive an old man's natural curiosity.
  • old curiosity

  • insatiable curiosity

    His insatiable curiosity and desire for experiment had led to his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society.
  • curiosity shop

    It was like stepping from the main street into a cobbled alley's curiosity shop — that shock of surprise to discover again what an intricate and peculiar organ the imagination is, what extravagant uses it has found for time.
  • intellectual curiosity

    have great intellectual curiosity;
  • idle curiosity

    Perhaps it was nothing more than idle curiosity.
  • curiosity killed

    Perhaps this is the origin of the old expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’?
  • scientific curiosity

    It is useless for me to point out that scientific curiosity by itself is as irresponsible as the curiosity of a child.

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