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  • learn difficulties

  • distance learning

    Programmes can combine face-to-face activities, distance learning and action learning.
  • learn how

  • learn process

  • people with learning

    We're spending five million, if you look, er, on services for people with learning disabilities.
  • open learning

    The students have been preparing for the assessments using open learning materials developed by Telford College.
  • language learning

    Any form of dramatic play, type of game, any audio-visual experience leading to language growth may be used to stimulate language learning (Lee
  • teach and learning

  • learn experience

  • learn needs

  • learn through

  • learn to use

  • learn materials

  • learn environment

  • learn to read

    The main thing the well-prepared learner brings to the task is positive expectations — expectations that reading will bring rewards of pleasure and understanding, and that he or she is going to learn to read and to enjoy the learning.
  • learn curve

  • like learning

    Indeed, learning science is like learning a catechism.
  • learn takes

  • discrimination learning

    There was an impairment on visual orientation (Task B) but not visual discrimination learning (Task A).
  • prior learning

    This should provide fair and flexible access for practitioners from the industry who can supply an appropriate profile of prior learning achievement.
  • just learning

    Art means far more than just learning to draw and paint.
  • form of learning

  • children with learning

    Do children with learning difficulties have problems other than reading and writing?
  • well as learning

    And as well as learning the job of teaching, they are learning its culture as well: how it is ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’to act, think, feel and talk as a teacher.
  • learn resources

  • severe learning

    However, there is still considerable use among children with severe learning disabilities.
  • learn outcome

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