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  • legal advice

    Again, it is essential to seek legal advice on the precise wording to be used.
  • legal action

    . You get any sort of legal action.
  • court and legal

  • legal system

    The Egyptian legal system was like the French.
  • sole legal

    Ruling and sole legal party
  • legal services act

  • legal right

    He believed on those grounds that he had a legal right to the tyres.
  • legal rights

    Your legal rights are the same when you buy mail order as from a shop.
  • legal proceedings

    The decision was subject to ratification by the Senate before any legal proceedings could begin.
  • legal aid board

  • legal rules

    That may be so, but it may be suggested that as much depends on the surrounding legal rules as on the mandatory penalty.
  • civil legal aid

    From April 18, 1980, the green form scheme became available for domestic proceedings in magistrates' courts, transferring the cost of representation from civil legal aid to legal advice.
  • legal framework

    The republics would need to create the legal framework and conditions for market economies.
  • legal aid fund

    On 13 June 1991 the House of Lords ordered, pursuant to section 18 of the Legal Aid Act 1988 that the defendant's costs before the issue of his legal aid certificate should be paid out of the legal aid fund and, pursuant to regulations 143 and 147 of the Civil Legal Aid (General) Regulations 1989, suspended the effect of that order to give the Legal Aid Board an opportunity to object.
  • legal fiction

    The Nuer legal fiction is that only men can be the owners of cattle.
  • legal profession

    Research interests include the legal profession, methods of practical teaching of law, taxation, and wills and succession.
  • legal adviser

    Guzmán, 44, had been legal adviser to Gen. Augusto Pinochet after the 1973 military coup.
  • legal process

    The symbolic value of law involves more than a volitional commitment to legal institutions and legal process, or the rhetorical effectiveness of international law arguments.
  • legal issues

    But the Council of Europe is important especially on media, software and legal issues.
  • legal protection

    There are several areas in which legal protection is required.
  • legal political

    The Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union (BZNS) was formerly the only legal political party besides the BCP, with which it had been allied.
  • legal problems

    One covenant which far too frequently causes legal problems concerns the reasonableness (or otherwise) of a landlord in refusing to consent to a tenant assigning his leasehold interest to another person.
  • legal position

    Uncertainties about her financial circumstances and legal position.
  • legal remedies

    As a statutory assignee the legal right to the money in the account passes to him, he is entitled to all legal remedies to recover the money and he can give a good discharge to the bank without the concurrence of the assignor.
  • legal correspondent

  • legal aid act

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