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  • social change

    In addition to the specific limitations, there is the general caution which should be exercised in using historical data to document social change.
  • major change

    A major change in the ways of doing work .
  • enthalpy change

    In reaction systems at constant pressure the change in energy is given by the enthalpy change.
  • have to change

    ‘I have to change.’
  • rate of change

    The rate of change of money wages is measured along the vertical axis and the excess demand variable,, is measured along the horizontal axis.
  • change when

    I have hopes that one day this will all change when funds allow me to produce a ‘scratch 'n' sniff’ version of this column.
  • material change

    A change of intention will normally be permitted only when a significant time has elapsed or a material change of circumstances has occurred sufficient to justify the person's change of intention.
  • want to change

    If you want to change, you create something you can pass down to the young.
  • try to change

    Bonar Law might dislike the social round and might rarely visit the Carlton Club, but he did not try to change its role.
  • important change

    Indeed, to change this evaluation and thus leave Plato behind is the most important change we have to bring about.
  • fundamental change

    Did the experience of plenty bring about a fundamental change in the American or British character?

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