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  • people were

    A LORRY driver was killed and six people were injured in a pile-up last night.
  • young people

    Now he's taken to dressing up in young people's clothes.
  • many people

    Although many people in Esarn are poor, most have the bare necessities.
  • most people

    Is that the sort of thing most people ?
  • older people

    The concerns of older people
  • people have

    Other people have friends.
  • people like

    They are, Coffin thought; people like Steve are nearly always right.
  • lot of people

    ‘It'll be great, Julie, I've got a lot of people I want you to meet, and there'll be lots to drink — You are coming, aren't you?
  • deaf people

    This was quickly followed by deaf people in Liverpool (George Healey — 1864), Birmingham (W.A. Griffiths — 1867), Stoke-on-Trent a.
  • people who have

    The most common calls are from people who have lost their pets.
  • when people

    Complications arise when people don't understand what they should be doing at work.
  • few people

    What few people seem to accept is that he might be exactly what he appears to be.
  • people living

    of people living in a a very small area.
  • people i

    Police arrested 11 people in Kremmen.

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