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  • data collection

    The data collection approach stresses the importance of data collection and analysis without regard to functions.
  • data collected

    Data collected in these schools will be compared with data collected in these same schools between 1985 and 1987.
  • use data

    One upshot of the tool box view is that it invites us to use data generically with little regard for the theoretical auspices of the method.
  • data being

    Without any data being available on this fish as yet, it is difficult to say what the adult size might be, but it would appear to be about 12cm.
  • data protection

    The path to data protection legislation in Britain was a long and tortuous one.
  • data processing

    Right, so they are these things known as data processing specification?
  • data were

    All grouped data were expressed as median and range.
  • environmental data

    It also noted that ownership of and access to environmental data was a policy matter of the greatest importance; this may be more difficult in ‘within country’ data than with global data since the latter are often already the subject of international exchange agreements at zero cost.
  • data transfer

    If possible increase the amount of time allocated for the data transfer at the TRANSFER SCHEDULE keyword.
  • data file

    Design of computer data files.
  • data systems

  • esrc data archive

  • personal data

    The fifth principle requires that all personal data ‘shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date’.
  • data show

    OPCS data show higher neonatal deaths among Bangladeshi babies in 1981–3, but comparable rates in 1984–8.
  • data general corp

  • further data

    (For further data on this phenomenon see the papers produced by Drs Philip McNulty and Colin Wood).

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