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  • classification schemes

    14.7 Special classification schemes
  • classification system

    Surely if the courts and lawyers limit themselves to medical criteria as justifying their sex classification system, they must follow expert opinion.
  • universal decimal classification

  • general classification

    There have been a number of other general classification schemes devised over the past 100 years.
  • dewey decimal classification

  • bibliographic classification

    However, many of the major bibliographic classification schemes in use in libraries today were constructed according to the principles of numerative classification.
  • decimal classification scheme

  • special classification

    Apart from the separately published special classification schemes, there are also many local variations of general classification schemes in use for special applications.
  • classification societies

  • congress classification

  • international classification

    The Institute, now renamed the International Federation of Documentation, set out to design a standard international classification scheme primarily for documentation rather than for general library use.
  • enumerative classification

    The problems that are encountered with enumerative classification schemes can be identified as follows:
  • faceted classification

    An example of a simple faceted classification for literature
  • classification society

  • classification is based

    This classification is based solely on composition immediately after deposition; cements and authigenic minerals are not included.
  • classification research

    This had in fact been an important focus since the early 1980s, even before the start of the classification research project, and the IPG's approach has been adopted for all new and rewritten items.

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