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  • positive and negative

    A piece of material contains equal number of positive and negative charges.
  • h pylori negative

  • positive or negative

    The step may be positive or negative.
  • be negative

    Don't be negative or apologetic — remember you're selling yourself, and should highlight your good points.
  • negative feedback

    We've got it's in other words it's a sort of negative feedback.
  • negative attitudes

    Discrimination is legitimised by negative attitudes and assumptions, and that is why these need to be examined and confronted.
  • negative effect

    ‘Problems occur when sex, or any other addiction starts to have a negative effect on the rest of a person's life.
  • rather negative

    Anderson's urbanity is an amusing, though rather negative feature of his character.
  • negative value

    If w has a negative value, the work has been done by the system.
  • negative for hiv

  • pylori negative healthy

    As previously reported, the H pylori positive patients with DU and the H pylori positive healthy controls had similarly exaggerated integrated gastrin responses to eating compared with the H pylori negative healthy controls.
  • negative images

    Cross through any negative images that come up, and look at the positive ones.
  • negative attitude

    They do not show any negative attitude even if they are expensive bought players.
  • negative response

    Where there is a definite negative response put 0 per cent.
  • negative correlation

    This reduced level of arachidonic acid showed a negative correlation with glycosylated haemoglobin (Jones et al, 1983).
  • get a negative

    So if end up squaring a number and get a negative answer you've got it wrong!
  • negative numbers

    But then we developed it a bit further like we did with negative numbers.
  • negative and positive

    These scales will give you negative and positive attitudes.
  • drug users negative

    In addition, immunological disturbances due to frequent injecting among drug users negative for HIV have been reported.
  • negative income tax

    Experimental work, as in the various American negative income tax experiments, is also open to many of these criticisms.
  • negative aspects

    In doing so it is inevitable that some of the negative aspects of ageing and our attitudes to it are stressed.
  • negative energy

    Thus, in a sense, the gravitational field has negative energy.

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