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  • payment under

    In cases such as the present both the concept of want of consideration and payment under implied compulsion are in play.
  • part payment

    This payment could be either a deposit or mere part payment.
  • order for payment

    The essential matter which has been argued before me is whether or not the order for payment out to Crossman Block should now be confirmed.
  • payment is made

    Before payment is made to a subcontractor without deduction for tax, the builder must satisfy himself that the tax certificate is valid.
  • cash payment

    He received a large cash payment from his Personal Accident Policy.
  • payment made

    There is, of course, no doubt that a payment made in response to an unlawful demand under duress or compulsion may be recovered.
  • payment into court

    A sum paid into court "to abide order" may be appropriated as a payment into court in satisfaction under Ord 11, r 9.
  • sum payment

    But he has told a court he only did it because house prices were so high and new players needed a lump sum payment to help them move.
  • interim payment

    The first bill, dated 8 July, was for an interim payment of £187 plus VAT.
  • actual payment

    Conversely the supply of the domestic currency in foreign exchange markets derives from imports and capital outflows, irrespective of whether actual payment is made in domestic or foreign currency.
  • before payment

    (4) This Firm can pay the disbursements, as they arise, on the basis that the interest charges incurred by us on the expenditure on your behalf would be your responsibility, to be paid out of your damages before payment to you.
  • time of payment

    We now come to the closing words of Rule 1, ‘it is immaterial whether the time of payment or the time of delivery, or both, be postponed.’
  • payment out

    The sort of things I'm talking about, I'm, I'm thinking of is ok somebody, a mistake's been made, somebody hasn't got their payment out
  • late payment

    If appropriate, consider inserting wording indicating that interest (at a specified rate etc) will be charged for late payment.
  • coupon payment

    The invoice amount also includes interest accrued from the previous coupon payment.
  • advance payment

    This method is applicable to all the above payment methods (except advance payments).
  • payment was made

    The payment was made from a little-used Treasury account, normally used for Minister's stationery and paper.

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