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  • city council

    Yolanda, 64, said she was amazed when the city council offered them a two-bedroom house.
  • council tax

    ‘This is a corollary of the ceiling on the council tax imposed by the Government.
  • parish council

    ‘We are,’ he said, ‘an open parish council.
  • borough council

    The county council and borough council are each providing £6,000 for a survey to find out what local people want in terms of estate development.
  • council of ministers

  • national council

    Er,of a Friday evening, of a Friday evening, er I would attend er er a national council of labour colleges lecture, a fellow named u u us us used to run this one.
  • local council

    But the local council has put it in the highest council tax band — for houses worth at least three hundred thousand pounds.
  • council house

    Higher council house rents
  • council housing

    Local authorities would be obliged to allocate 15 per cent of council housing to people from depressed areas, and in areas where council housing made up less than 20 per cent of housing, the local authority would be obliged to make a 15 per cent contribution to its construction.
  • security council

  • council tenants

    A CRACKDOWN has been launched on Liverpool council tenants who refuse to cough up the rent in a bid to reduce £18.7m arrears.
  • sport council

  • research council

  • regional council

    The regional council's finance and policy and resources committees will meet to discuss the recommendations on Wednesday.
  • council should

    The council should have stopped these dealings when the district auditor began to question their legality in the summer of 1988, but the new options were taken out between then and 23 February this year, when the council decided to cease making payments on the transactions.
  • council houses

    That is money from the sale of council houses and the Government should invest it again in housing.
  • middlesbrough council

  • edinburgh district council

  • county council have

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