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  • crowd were

    The crowd were phenomenal tonight.’
  • large crowd

    Otherwise, the plush arena and a large crowd might prove too much to handle.
  • small crowd

    At the far end I glimpsed a small crowd who stopped talking and drew apart at our approach.
  • through the crowd

    The couple rushed through the crowd to carry Farrah indoors.
  • among the crowd

    As the train pulled out of the station she searched back for Moran's face among the crowd and found it and waved.
  • crowd gathered

    He fell down on the pavement and the crowd gathered round him.
  • crowd outside

    On Thursday 10 October the crowd outside the small Town Hall was massive.
  • like the crowd

    But I like the crowd I work with — some of them, anyhow.
  • mad crowd

  • big crowd

    Talks on parachuting, wine-making and family-planning (that attracted a big crowd) were more frequent than the occasional visit by a councillor.

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