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  • economic and cultural

    How did the dominant social, economic and cultural forces affect the way they lived their lives?
  • social and cultural

    The alteration in our perception of reality then produces particular social and cultural forms.
  • political and cultural

    The political and cultural climate between 1927 and 1939 has already been discussed.
  • cultural and social

    It talks of’ lack of information’, and of’cultural and social problems’.
  • cultural heritage

    Swahili's cultural heritage was by no means the cultural heritage of all.
  • cultural context

    Furthermore, the items selected will usually have rich meanings within specific cultural contexts.
  • great cultural

    I am always happy to work myself up into a great cultural stew, given half the chance.
  • cultural traditions

    Institutions, customs, political and cultural traditions stemming from a long pagan past, were still very much alive in it.
  • cultural history

    Golden Age: Ideology and cultural history; Cervantes and the development of fiction; political and social ideas in the comedia; poetry, especially Garcilaso and Góngora.
  • cultural revolution

    One might think that such an ambition — no less than the forging of a cultural revolution — is most unconservative.
  • cultural policy

    It indicates rather a degree of hesitation in the leadership of the party as to the correct cultural policy to be pursued.
  • cultural experience

    Take my advice, appreciate this ride for what it is — a cultural experience — and try to relax.’
  • cultural dominance

    It seems that Rastafari, reggae and toasting may have been crucial in asserting the cultural dominance of the Jamaican element within the Caribbean community in Britain.
  • cultural and political

    New cultural and political spaces have been opened up, and hegemonic racial identities and structures have been loosened.
  • cultural production

    We have been analysing social institutions and formations in cultural production, in their variably manifest forms.
  • cultural and religious

    By the 430s, the cultural and religious divisions between Christian bishops and pagan senators had ceased to divide.
  • cultural goods

    (2) The aim of such strategies and struggles is to produce (or be associated with the production of, in the case of institutions and marketers) valuable cultural goods.
  • cultural life

    Before, the government gave money and support for cultural life, for choirs, all sorts of cultural activities, and it hasn't changed.
  • cultural differences

    If you are going to buy in France, remember that cultural differences can have a big impact.
  • cultural and artistic

    This could mean that they will become major forces driving forward the concept of sport, leisure, cultural and artistic movements during the 1990's.
  • particular cultural

    Like it or not, there is at work a sociological aspect of this particular cultural dimension that is insidious and is probably unshakeable.

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