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  • quiz night

    quiz night
  • pop quiz

    Good, there'll be a pop quiz after recess.’
  • television quiz

    Name the television quiz in which con-testants teasingly ask: ‘Can I have a P please, Bob?’
  • quiz question

    Over the years a favourite quiz question was to name the scrum-halves who played with Jack Kyle.
  • old days quiz

  • tv quiz shows

  • quiz evening

    Your club can hold a quiz evening with the prizes and questions supplies by ‘Aquarian’.
  • do quiz

  • tv quiz show

  • quiz game

    10 GeoSafari quiz games
  • quiz compiled

    Get into the mood for the annual festive feature film bonanza courtesy of Newsline's Christmas movie quiz compiled by Barlaston computer department's Tim Brownsett.
  • quiz book

    A little brain tee-ser for your golfer — a mini-compendium, golf ball-shaped quiz book that contains a fascinating selection of golfing trivia.
  • literary quiz

    Now is the time to prove them right by entering our Christmas literary quiz — and as an added incentive we are offering a bottle of Glenmorangie for the first correct entry drawn out of the hat.
  • quiz thing

    Are you going to read the quiz thing again?

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