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  • take a deep

    And as I say, if they are perfect men, maybe they can take a deep breath and stop just like that.
  • deep breath

    He took a deep breath.
  • deep inside

    From deep inside, a jeer, a sneer.
  • deep voice

    ‘Damian,’ his deep voice said.
  • draw a deep

  • deep sea

    They are very abundant on the desert surfaces of the American south-west, but are presumably rare localised in deep sea deposits.
  • so deep

    was so deep we didn't need to dig a hole, just scrape
  • very deep

    This suspicion runs very deep.
  • be deep

    If she has deep-set eyes her porte feminine is bound to be deep too…if a woman has a pair of big, sparkling eyes, her porte feminine is narrow at its entrance, and yet roomy in the inner part…
  • deep blue

    It was an unusually deep blue.
  • too deep

    But Oxfam and Christian Aid — our backers — were in too deep now.
  • deep structures

    The deep structures of curriculum differentiation are historically linked to different educational sectors, to different social class clienteles and occupational destinations, to different status hierarchies.
  • deep space

    Needs a deep space on the worksurface.
  • deep divisions

    Evidence also emerged during August of deep divisions over the issue within the Palestinian community.
  • bury deep

  • hand deep

  • deep down

    ‘I told myself it was because of the play, but deep down there was something driving me back to you.’

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