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  • statutory definition

    This statutory definition is not complete.
  • agree definition

  • root definition

    As in most studies using the SSM, the development of the root definition was a difficult and lengthy process.
  • precise definition

    There was a precise definition of task and job.
  • definition of culture

    Paul G. Hiebert offers the following definition of culture ‘as the integrated system of learned patterns of behaviour, ideas and products characteristic of a society’(Hiebert 1976:25).
  • where the definition

    The reference in these cases is to s61 of SGA 1979 (s18 of SGSA 1982) where the definition of "quality of goods" covers "their state or condition" .
  • legal definition

    A second advantage of the legal definition is that it reflects a political reality.
  • follow definition

  • definition excludes

    This definition excludes postmen's trolleys found in some towns.

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