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  • prison sentences

    Maximum prison sentences would be 15 years.
  • death sentences

    Lifting of martial law — Commuting of death sentences
  • two sentences

    However, the following two sentences show it to be an expected trait:
  • sentence were

  • custodial sentences

    Mention was made by some of a belief that Blacks get custodial sentences more often.
  • follow sentences

  • short sentences

    He could understand commands if they were spoken directly and in short sentences.
  • whole sentences

    If we want to paint a big choral canvas, words can be repeated without any fear of being repetitious, or we can use whole sentences or sections several times over.
  • between sentences

    What links are there between sentences in the following?
  • sentence rather

  • sentence handed down

  • jail sentences

    Tories pledge curb on young crime Clarke aims to close gap in law on jail sentences for juveniles
  • set of sentences

    You would need to take each such problem word and put it in a set of sentences and drill on it, e.g: This is my 'photograph.
  • serve life sentences

    Both in their 70s, they continue to serve life sentences imposed in connection with an abortive coup in that year which was blamed on the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).
  • sentence imposed

    such as a car, will result in an objectionable disparity of sentence, unless some compensating adjustment is made in the other sentences, either in the form of an equivalent financial penalty imposed on the accomplices, or a reduction in the primary sentence imposed on the owner of the car which is the subject of the order.
  • sentence of up

  • word and sentences

  • few sentences

    Summarize the consumption figures for coal and petroleum in a few sentences.
  • suspend sentences

  • long sentences

    Both are serving long sentences after being found guilty of illegally entering the country.
  • sentence containing

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