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  • make it clear

    The partnership agreement should make it clear if this is not what is required.
  • become clear

    It may become clear they are likely to have a wet night before or after an event.
  • make clear

    Accompanying illustrations are, even with the help of an overhead projector, difficult to make clear.
  • very clear

    The major made that very clear.
  • clear up

    And clear up.
  • clear picture

    ‘Right from the start, we give them a very clear picture that they're coming to work in someone's home.
  • clear that there

    In contrast to Iacocca's blustery persona, Eaton is relatively reserved but, beneath his calm demeanour, it's clear that there lurks a tough and gritty leader.
  • clear whether

    It was not clear whether such moves would be to their benefit.
  • become increasingly clear

    And it had become increasingly clear to her that some of the more bizarre aspects of Johnny's intrusion into her life would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to explain away.
  • should be clear

    However the point should be clear.
  • clear distinction

    For example, a clear distinction is drawn between revenue items (which are the concern of Objective 1) and capital items (which are the concern of Objective 2).
  • clear and simple

    Dicey is important precisely because he expressed both the form and substance of normativism in a clear and simple manner.
  • clear evidence

    Does the hon. Gentleman have the grace to accept that that is clear evidence of the damage that has been done to our economy by a Government who have no industrial policy?
  • perfectly clear

    From the tone of his voice, it was perfectly clear that his decision was not open to negotiation.
  • seem clear

  • fairly clear

    They've made it fairly clear to me that I'll never be a high-flier, but every company needs some people who aren't high-fliers, and that's all right by me.
  • clear cut

    —‘Any idea what the squadron's doing now?’) but from that moment there was a clear cut division between the sheep and the goats.

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