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  • social sciences

    HNC in social sciences
  • natural sciences

    It only seems to include the experimental model drawn from the natural sciences.
  • physical sciences

    It was now, by its nature, an international enquiry, like the physical sciences.
  • academy of sciences

  • earth sciences

    Information sources in the earth sciences .
  • arts and sciences

    Certainly it is a property of life and a need for a balance of reciprocating flows is observable throughout the arts and sciences.
  • life sciences

    Amersham International is a world leader in life sciences.
  • biological sciences

    Engineering has 48, medicine 43, and biological sciences 25, with 20 for maths, 17 for social studies, 15 for arts, and 8 for agriculture and veterinary studies.
  • medical sciences

    John Davis brings to the school a varied background of knowledge, based in the fields of the medical sciences and communication skills.
  • sciences have

    Aristotle himself believed that the arts and the sciences have been discovered many times and then lost again.
  • human sciences

    It was realised that the ability to experiment in the human sciences was extremely limited for a number of practical and ethical reasons.
  • environmental sciences

    How does it relate to environmental sciences?
  • sciences research

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