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  • less dense

    High pressures are essential because graphite is less dense than diamond.
  • so dense

    ‘We ran into a dense bank of fog, so dense that Seawell's plane just suddenly disappeared from view.
  • very dense

    Although it's very dense, does not compared with the likes of Kent and the south.
  • through the dense

    I hunted buffalo in the swamps at Bilen; it was exciting following them through the dense reed beds.
  • through dense

    For two days we travelled through dense alien jungle.
  • dense mass

    This put in texture and shade at one go to further the impression of a dense mass of twigs.
  • dense forests

    This whole picturesque area has been designated a nature reserve and if you enjoy long walks then you're in for a treat — gorges, torrents, dense forests and vineyards are two a pfennig!
  • relatively dense

    These indicators were interpreted as conditions which, if fulfilled, suggested a relatively dense and multiplex personal network.
  • dense coating

    The upper surface of the arms are covered with a dense coating of granules and segmental bands of hooks.
  • dense black

    Moulded in dense black plastic, the Student System II follows traditional tank design.
  • through a dense

    It has been suggested, for example, that Sgr A is just a neutron star moving through a dense gas cloud.
  • dense covering

    The steep sided mountains with a dense covering of trees rose majestically from the valley floor.
  • dense fog

    He had seen him only in the dense fog.
  • dense tubular

    Platelets contain two important membrane systems, the surface-connected open canalicular system and the dense tubular system.
  • dense network

    They had a remarkably dense network of social organisation — probably in reaction to the overwhelming ‘Germanness’ of their surroundings.
  • dense clouds

    Standard polyurethane foam ignites rapidly, forming dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapour as it does so.
  • too dense

    But whereas the mare basalts are too dense to represent the lunar mantle, the highland rocks are not dense enough.
  • dense smoke

    Environmentalists have also criticised the dense smoke from buses which pollute the town centre.
  • quite dense

    The level of linkage is quite dense in both extracts, but there are striking differences in the choice of devices used in each case.

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