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  • serious illness

    if you have any serious illness
  • through illness

    It might well be something that is very important to you to maintain, even if you can't carry on working through illness.
  • chronic illness

    In the presence of chronic illness, the nutritional requirements for the greater and more sustained normal growth spurt are less likely to be met.
  • mental illness specific

    Yes,to think, M I S G is mental illness specific grants, in case we pick that up later, and the E S F is the European Social Fund grant.
  • illness and death

    Mistress Southwell was a Roman Catholic and with several others sought to surround the events of the Queen Elizabeth's last illness and death with ill-omens and to suggest that she had not died in a state of grace’.
  • psychotic illness

    In any case, non-compliance with medication is only one of the factors which affects the progress of a psychotic illness and the possibility of a relapse.
  • terminal illness

    yes, if he's been diagnosed as er, as a terminal illness.
  • cause illness

    And Francis has yet to decide whether he can recall Carlton Palmer, who was axed at the weekend because illness has affected his form.
  • long illness

    I have the same new-worldliness of someone who emerges to sunlight after a long illness in a darkened room.

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