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  • very nice

    That'd be very nice,
  • quite nice

    It's quite nice.
  • nice little

    ‘It was a nice little horse.
  • nice to see

    Anyway, it was nice to see your sister looking so relaxed.’
  • really nice

    They look really nice those shoes.
  • get a nice

    So I told them that we were going to leave the park, and go and get a nice cold ice-cream.
  • have a nice

    have a nice day
  • nice cup

    ‘Now that was a nice cup of tea,’ confided Alf ‘I like a nice cup of tea.
  • rather nice

    Because they're rather nice!
  • like a nice

    ‘He seems like a nice kid.
  • nice day

    have a nice day
  • make a nice

    A little music would make a nice accompaniment to our meal, don't you agree?’
  • nice to know

    Still, it was nice to know that he had.
  • how nice

    She had forgotten how nice it was, after so long an interval.
  • nice to have

    Wouldn't it be nice to have four new years?
  • nice cold

    ‘That is to go down to my wine cellar and get a bottle of nice cold vintage champagne.
  • nice to think

    It was nice to think he had looked forward to her company.
  • nice to get

    It would have been nice to get another couple of matches under my belt for Wimbledon.’
  • quite a nice

    We called and saw them and we had quite a nice reception.

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