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  • able to develop

    We have not forgotten this offer, although for various reasons we have not been able to develop an idea until now.
  • begin to develop

    I want here to begin to develop a conceptual framework that is able to assess critically the effect of the collision of two discourses — that of, race' and that of female sexuality.
  • need to develop

    The need to develop this potential is recognised by the Group Personnel Information Services Department which currently performs several roles.
  • must develop

    We must develop our musical emotions so that we can be moved by new and subtler feelings.
  • possible to develop

    Is it possible to develop ?
  • help develop

    The following simple rules will help develop a good telephone manner and technique:
  • develop many

    Obviously weight-lifting will develop many muscles.
  • design to develop

  • people develop

    In Western populations a fairly large proportion of people develop difficulty in utilizing carbohydrates in their diets during middle age.
  • order to develop

    This involves making random leaps and jumps in thinking in order to develop novel ways of problem solving.
  • develop a good

    The following points will help you develop a good writing style.
  • aim to develop

    Through our research we aim to develop and improve methods for analysing new types of data for industry.
  • should develop

    That way they should develop a rounder picture and perhaps some insight into the way simple actions must be patterned before we recognise them as ‘sensitivity’, ‘passivity’ or whatever.
  • plan to develop

    The team plan to develop classifications of socio-economic circumstances which pick out those most (and least) at risk of death or low birthright.
  • time to develop

    It's not an easy time to develop any project.
  • opportunities to develop

    There will also be opportunities to develop or practice consultancy and training skills.


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