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  • quantum theory

    The quantum theory created then has proved adequate for all that has so far followed it.
  • general theory

    Continuum mechanics is a more general theory than elasticity theory.
  • elite theory

    Having said this, however, elite theory does indicate what is a central truth of the military-industrial complex.
  • social theory

    Social theory generally (and urban social theory especially) cannot afford to lose sight of people's own understandings of the social world.
  • political theory

    This approach presents us with a particular problem since we must ensure that the representative chosen provides us with a good insight into that political theory.
  • speech act theory

    Further, in speech act theory the representation (speech) is collapsed into the real (action).
  • choice theory

    The foundations of rational choice theory
  • constitutional theory

    Is there warrant for this in constitutional theory or judicial practice?
  • literary theory

    Controversy on this issue takes us back to the beginnings of literary theory: to Aristotle and Plato.
  • theory behind

    What's the theory behind it?
  • modify theory

  • theory of how

    The work by the planners on both sides of the Atlantic shows the theory of how information technology could have a positive effect on a nation's economy.
  • account theory

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