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  • first appearance

    In 1915 he made his first appearance at the German Opera House, Berlin.
  • physical appearance

    The moth's physical appearance is not quite as wasp-like but it adds to its disguise by making a buzzing noise.
  • appearance of being

    He gave little appearance of being unusually happy.
  • general appearance

    The general appearance of the holding, its grass, crops, and animals, give a valuable first impression.
  • appearance before

    He told them: ‘Well, Peter Gregson revealed all the facts during his marathon appearance before the Public Accounts Committee on Monday.
  • make an appearance

    should make an appearance at or something.
  • last appearance

    Pavlova's last appearance in Russia was in 1913.
  • sudden appearance

    Such was her determination to break the old mould that she was totally unaffected by the sudden appearance of Curiosity Killed the Cat star Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot on stage midway through one of her routines.
  • court appearance

    It was their third court appearance.
  • presentation appearance

    The terms ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’being over-worked, I shall refer to the ‘presentation appearance’and the ‘perceived-as appearance’.

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