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  • i am writing

  • when writing

    A shortened form, used to save space and also used to save time when writing hand-written texts, eg adj = adjective.
  • write letters

  • time of writing

    New Life Designs organises festivals of mind, body and spirit, and is celebrating its tenth anniversary at the time of writing.
  • write a letter

  • write skills

  • instead of writing

    I mean, at the moment, instead of writing about the crap that is England I'm writing about the crap that is America.
  • confirm in writing

    Please would you therefore confirm in writing that cyclists, if necessary pushing their bikes, are to be treated as pedestrians and allowed to proceed.
  • up writing

    Has this got erm joined up writing as well?
  • letter writing

    He then began his letter writing campaign.
  • read and writing

  • write paper

  • write up

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