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  • dine table

  • dine car

  • dine area

  • dine hall

  • dine rooms

  • dine room where

  • dine chairs

  • central dining

    ‘My office is in the first sleeping car aft of the central dining car.’
  • large dining

    There's a reception, lounge, large dining room, bar and restaurant.
  • private dining

    CCG also operate Morgan Guaranty's magnificent dining and entertainment centre, managed by John Roxborough, offering some of the finest cuisine in London with no fewer than nine private dining rooms.
  • lounge and dining

    They've got quite a nice it's not a large house but it's a good size lounge and dining room and kitchen.
  • through the dining

    She paid the bill and walked back through the dining car, drawing glances from the two men at the other end with the portable phones.
  • dine areas

  • be dining

    ‘Guess who won't be dining here this evening.’
  • panel dining

  • dine out

  • when dining

    He wasn't vegetarian, but he liked saving money when dining at home.
  • dine club

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