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  • do not mean

  • do have

    But Nagel himself is content to take for granted that other creatures do have experiences, and he does not require of an objective phenomenology that it provide a philosophical proof of this presupposition.
  • do not have

    When one of those crisp, sunny days does arrive, make absolutely sure that control surfaces or the tail cone of taildraggers do not have a mass of ice concealed within them.
  • how does

    Just goes to show doesn't it?
  • do seem

  • do not make

  • do not know

  • do not seem

  • do need

  • why does

    The question to be raised in this context is, why does the anorexic ‘choose’ that particular form of rebellion, make that particular bid for autonomy?
  • do not apply

  • do not allow

  • so does

    …and so does fame

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