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  • secret service

    One man's secret service with an awesome notoriety.
  • secret police

    People won't do anything they're told if you get them like this, secret police and a few other little dodgers.
  • business secret

    It decided that the information about prices or as to sales information as a whole was not a business secret in this case.
  • secret society

    secret society of disaffected apprentices, presided over by Sim Tappertit.
  • make no secret

  • secret ballot

    Union immunity from legal action would be allowed, as now, only if conditions such as a secret ballot had been met.
  • secret negotiations

    Mr Lawson would instruct Robin Leigh-Pemberton, Governor of the Bank of England, to begin secret negotiations with European central bank counterparts on the best exchange rate at which to enter.
  • most secret

    He'd somehow read her most secret thoughts.
  • secret bunker

    It is supposed to be concealed in a secret bunker and contained in about 40 packing cases.
  • secret history

    What he provides is the missing chapter in the secret history of the cinema, the missing link between Berlin Dada and postmodernism.
  • secret until

    Newspapers would become part of the agreement to keep the message secret until after the traditional 3pm TV broadcast.
  • keep secret

  • secret behind

    It is the secret behind the powers of the Goblin Fanatics, probably the most dangerous Goblins of all.
  • many secret

    Fed silently by many secret waters.

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