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  • take effect

    ‘Sometimes the only way to deal with the condition is to allow the legal process to take effect,’ said Dr McGarry.
  • protective effect

    Concocted by Dr. Yuki Niwa, head of the Immunology Institute in Japan, this is a mixture designed to mimic the protective effect of the body's natural anti-oxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.
  • give effect

    He can also make policy decisions and give effect to them…"
  • have no effect

    The issue should be considered more widely than that, though Ash croft and Love (1988) showed that acquisition of Scottish firms tended on average to increase sales and have no effect on overall employment.
  • beneficial effect

    ‘In the medium and longer term, we are optimistic that both productivity and consumption will rise, which in turn will have a beneficial effect on investment,’ said Mr Brauninger.
  • cumulative effect

    Computer Products Inc has reported first quarter net profit of $2.8m, after $2.3m gains from the cumulative effect of an accounting change, against losses of $439,000 last time, on turnover up 8.3% to $28.7m.
  • have the effect

    He then made a new will: this does have the effect of invalidating the previous one.
  • profound effect

    Obvious points, perhaps, but important, since an adaptation to a new habitat can have a profound effect on a species' fortunes.
  • stimulatory effect

    α t.GDP completely eliminated the stimulatory effect of βγ t .
  • opposite effect

    Putting too many rows between cables has the opposite effect.
  • devastate effect

  • considerable effect

    Apart from the lithological details of the rock, the height of the cliff must have a considerable effect on the rate at which it weathers back.
  • dramatic effect

    The cast relies on the set for footholds as much as dramatic effect.

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