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  • main road

    The ma on the main road.
  • road traffic act

    And you're also summoned that on that same occasion you not having given your name and address to any person requiring it at the time, you failed to report the accident at a police station, or to a constable as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within twenty four hours of it happening again, that's an offence under section twenty five of the road traffic act to that effect do you plead guilty or not guilty?
  • across the road

    There's a pub across the road anyway from the Roman.
  • down the road

    The Argyle Cinema was then just down the road.
  • relief road

    Most of my constituents find it amazing that that part of the road is missing, given that it is a planned and agreed eastern relief road for city traffic.
  • trunk road

    Protestors are claiming that proposals to enlarge a trunk road are part of plans to build a new motorway.
  • road users

    Certainly, those who are on foot rely on road users, be they on motor cycles or in cars, to drive safely.
  • road accident

    About 25 years ago Margaret's two-year-old daughter, Dawn, was killed in a road accident outside the family's former home in Middlewich.
  • road between

    Erm thank you Mr Chairman,high up in the Cardiganshire coast near , on the trunk road between and where the population is the sparsest in Wales and certainly a .
  • road transport

    The green paper declared that the growth of road transport in the Community had nearly reached the point where the environment could no longer sustain it.
  • road north

    After this he ranked the great road north to Barnet, then that to Kent and those to Chelmsford and Uxbridge.
  • along the road

    Turn left along the road.

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