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  • give the impression

    I don't want to give the impression that professionals are unhelpful at all.
  • get the impression

    Don't get the impression that it's easy though.
  • under the impression

    ‘I was under the impression that I had explained it to you.
  • general impression

    ‘I've no idea what you've been saying, but the general impression here —’
  • good impression

    Make a good impression.
  • favourable impression

    This will make a favourable impression on the stylist and you'll get a more stylish haircut.
  • impression that there

    The diagnosis is misleading if it gives the impression that there is a straight connection between the expression of religious belief and bigotry.
  • impression given

    Indeed this is what accounts for the impression given by this type of use that there is a difference between what was perceived and what actually happened.
  • overall impression

    So why is the overall impression left by television's 1992 General Election coverage one of a huge accumulation of shallowness?
  • distinct impression

    I had and have the distinct impression that my mother found me a nuisance.
  • clear impression

    BY DESIGN Making a clear impression
  • first impression

    This is the part of the house that visitors stand closest to and from which they will form their first impression.
  • impression of being

    For the moment, Labour's front bench gives the impression of being bereft of counter arguments.
  • impression i

    At the same time, the impression is that James's syntax is more involved.
  • deep impression

    Some scientists make a deep impression on their discipline and John Pople, a quantum chemist, comes into this category.
  • impression that i

    Don't get the impression that it's easy though.
  • last impression

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