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  • possible explanation

    What possible explanation can there be?
  • causal explanation

    For this reason, something that is accepted as a satisfactory causal explanation at one point in time can become problematic at another.
  • best explanation

    The best explanation of theoretical issues in intonation is Cruttenden (1986).
  • explanation of why

    An explanation of why this should be is given in Chapter 1.
  • explanation of how

    As a history and an explanation of how the cold war ended, Mr Shultz's memoirs are unmatched.
  • simple explanation

    Perfectly simple explanation.
  • detail explanation

  • likely explanation

    The sheriff had said the most likely explanation was that the father had become exasperated.
  • provide an explanation

    The ‘restructuring school’ argued that it was not possible to provide an explanation in terms of location factors alone; what was needed was to set these factors within the wider context of the restructuring of industry (Massey, 1979; Sayer, 1982).
  • only explanation

    That's the only explanation, isn't it?’
  • further explanation

    See text for further explanation.
  • explanation i

    One explanation is only too obvious.
  • type of explanation

  • social explanation

    Althusser's abolition of the subject therefore commits him to an unequivocally holist account of social explanation.
  • clear explanation

    I have become confused recently and would appreciate a clear explanation.
  • satisfactory explanation

    We never have a satisfactory explanation of where it comes from.
  • explanation should

    There were certainly suggestions that more explanation should have been given and that more discussion should have taken place.
  • obvious explanation

    No obvious explanation was available and Customs and Excise raised an assessment.
  • reasonable explanation

    Now he had vanished with no reasonable explanation whatever.

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