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  • once again

    So once again, in the same quiet voice.
  • again there

    So, again there is no guarantee of reliability or security.
  • back again

    Thank you, back again.
  • up again

    Suppose I'm gonna have to ring up again.
  • again and again

    Juron squirted his water canteen into that arid gob again and again.
  • so again

    I climbed it long before I knew anything of eponymous lists, and did so again recently.
  • down again

    This is great,’ he said, setting the box down again.
  • yet again

    ‘Were you going to leave yet again without saying goodbye to me, Seb?’
  • time again

    Ah, if I had my time again…’
  • out again

    He's going to shout again, thought Pascoe.
  • again before

    The girl curtsied again before scuttling off down a nearby passage.

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