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  • say well

    Just taking this along and say well there's my business plan, that's what I intend to do, there's my profit, and all the rest of it, plus accounts.
  • well known

    In spite of its troubles and struggles the Club was now well known and liked.
  • oh well

    Moan, groan, a hunchback's work is never done — oh well, I suppose I should try to get ahead.
  • well i said

  • how well

    The evaluation of effectiveness in practice: how well did they learn it (also: how can I know whether they have learnt it or not)? 4.
  • well have

    Had it been otherwise the battle might well have had a different outcome.
  • very well

    It is very well seen with × 20.
  • well he said

    So we swapped addresses with er, can't remember, it was a man middle-aged sort of man and er he then said ooh, well he said I still think that we were in the right in as much as if that policeman was supposed to have been directing traffic blah blah blah blah blah!
  • i thought well

  • er well

    Many would claim he does them rather well, by riding his motor bike with the style of a bronco rider all in the pursuit of the ‘Scottish Trial Championship’.
  • well placed

    The last time Hambros was so well placed was in 1986 when it advised on another mega-bid, by Hanson for Imperial Group.
  • well together

    Unlike joint services in many other places, the crews seem to have got on well together.

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