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  • great enthusiasm

    This ceremony was performed with great enthusiasm by the VIP party!
  • lack of enthusiasm

    Perhaps other bidders would be put off by his lack of enthusiasm.
  • little enthusiasm

    Once again, employers showed little enthusiasm for them.
  • enthusiasm and commitment

    Yet without question, the overall evaluation of the course was positive and the enthusiasm and commitment of its students, in each year, was unmistakable.
  • level of enthusiasm

    As a result the standard of craftsmanship to be found in some and the level of enthusiasm in all of his regular students is extremely high and the range of instruments produced expanding at the time.
  • genuine enthusiasm

    ‘Splendid!’ she exclaimed with genuine enthusiasm.
  • energy and enthusiasm

    Here she involved herself in village life with all her characteristic energy and enthusiasm until her death 16 October 1938, following influenza, at Kelmscott Manor.

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