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  • less pronounced

    I also experienced the sensation, but in less pronounced form.
  • be pronounced

    Height sounds as if it should be pronounced hate.
  • even more pronounced

    This tendency became even more pronounced as the market widened with improved means of transportation.
  • pronounce dead

  • pronounce when

  • most pronounced

    Periods of westward growth have alternated with periods when lateral development was most pronounced.
  • pronounce like

  • must be pronounced

    Since ‘him’ has greater prominence in (i), it cannot occur in its weak form , but must be pronounced , whereas in (ii) the pronunciation is likely to be .
  • very pronounced

    Imagination, which is conditioned by a breadth of experience, is seldom very pronounced in a man whose vision is narrowed by his occupation and training.
  • become more pronounced

    For more polar polymers, specific solvent effects become more pronounced and extrapolations have to be regarded with corresponding caution.
  • have pronounced

    An observer at the end of Innocent's reign, from the facts in front of him, could not have pronounced Innocent other than successful.
  • particularly pronounced

    Amongst teenagers in temporary jobs the importance of special measures was particularly pronounced.

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