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  • eye fixed

  • eye when

  • brown eyes

    His brown eyes were blank.
  • dark eyes

    The dark eyes fired up in an instant.
  • eye narrowed

  • eye seemed

  • set eyes

    ‘Are you hinting you have no wish to set eyes on this place again?’
  • grey eyes

    ‘Excuse me, please,’ she said politely, but there was nothing polite about the angry, scornful glitter in her grey eyes.
  • eye off

  • eye widened

  • blue eyes were

    His pale blue eyes were fixed on Sendei's own.
  • open his eyes

    But then why, as he lay there pink and rested in his striped Viyella pyjamas feeling no older and certainly very little wiser than he had when he used to open his eyes in his prep school dormitory over sixty-five years ago, should he not be alive and kicking?
  • eye were wide

  • through the eyes

    Derek Christoffer, from Maghull Chapel, dreamed up the idea and another member, Paulette Franklin, provided the words and music for the presentation about the Easter Story through the eyes of Mary, Jesus and St Peter.

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