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  • plan were

  • development plans

    The excavation of the Viking site at York was so important, though, that the development plans were changed.
  • plan to make

  • have no plans

    We have no plans to change section 39.
  • there are plans

    L'Appel is one of the very few Protestant magazines in French-speaking Africa, and there are plans to make it monthly.
  • contingency plans

    Some are already working on contingency plans to make sure patients in the North-East are referred for treatment.
  • plan to build

  • plan to improve

  • announce plans

  • care plans

    The formulation of care plans is a valuable teaching and learning exercise, provided the student has guidance from an experienced member of staff.
  • government plans

    But the guts he has shown in resisting government plans for the body he has chaired from 1983 are far from academic.
  • work on plans

  • up plans

    The GFCCG also drew up plans to raise additional funds, estimated at $4,000 million-$5,000 million, for 1991.
  • plan to change

  • plan to spend

  • investment plans

    Although investment plans may be curtailed by high interest rates, current borrowing by many firms cannot easily be curtailed.
  • plan go

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