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  • have to fight

    Even if they're sick you have to fight to get them to leave class.’
  • fight back

    But we fight back
  • fight off

    Nula, 32, of North London, has had to fight off an attacker at a bus stop and survive a nightmare ride with a sinister mini-cab driver.
  • want to fight

    Mr Cash and his Friends of Bruges seem to want to fight a battle against federalism today which may not have to be fought at all.
  • fight to get

    Me and Nicola used to fight to get on that.
  • fight between

    He said: ‘It should be a good fight between Lennox and Ruddock.
  • able to fight

    Duff added: ‘Frank is ready, willing and able to fight Lennox.
  • good fight

    And sometimes there was the excitement of a good fight.
  • fight broke

    It appears a fight broke out after a game of pool.
  • fight to keep

    She had to fight to keep away from him.
  • fight it out

    Mayne and his group crept away, leaving the guards to fight it out between themselves.
  • must fight

    Another thing I wrote (one writes things and the implications shriek — it's like suddenly realizing one's deaf), ‘I must fight with my weapons.
  • prepare to fight

  • fight shy

    as if to refute everything that Celia had been thinking, Dr Shalcross suddenly said, ‘Many women fight shy of motherhood for one reason or another.
  • fight like

    I'm just wondering whether it's E D or E S, to fight like this.
  • title fight

    The Brighton-based fighter, who stopped Benn in their WBO middleweight title fight in November 1990, added: I've nothing to prove by fighting Benn again, so if we do meet I've got to be given my passport to retirement.’

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