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  • open up

    He'd open up his heart to her, explain how much he cared.
  • open systems

    I mentioned a moment ago that we seek er total choice and total flexibility in the utopian open systems world.
  • open door

    She peered through the open door.
  • open university

  • open air

    On a warm sunny day in the open air it might have been idyllic.
  • eye open

    The first, which was the officially approved response, was ‘to make the work interesting’ by developing contacts with shopkeepers and others on the beat, and keeping an eye open for unusual activity…
  • open software

  • be open

    If he blames the paradigm for any failure to solve a problem, he will be open to the same charges as the carpenter who blames his tools.
  • push open

  • swing open

  • throw open

    Prior to that, at 7pm, the centre's main hall will throw open its doors for a charity fair organised by the Newtownabbey Community Development Agency.
  • keep open

    TRIUMPHANT villagers have won a battle to keep open an ancient public footpath.
  • door open

    Oi mate you left your door open.
  • open daily

    The reserve is open daily except for Tuesdays, 9 am to 9 pm or sunset, members only on Sundays and bank holiday weekends.
  • wide open

    The note in his voice wasn't easy to decipher, but his words brought her eyes wide open again.
  • open the door

    She pushed open the door on silence.
  • open client

    So the icon in the bottom left hand corner represents open client A P I, open client application programming interface.

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